CBD Electrophysiology facility

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Electrophysiology lab facilities are located in CBD. Marc Moreau (DR1CNRS) is the scientific responsible and Anne Bibonne (AI) is in charge of the technical assistance.

The electrophysiological lab provides environment, materials and technical assistance for scientific project involving electrophysiological recording as well as intracellular microelectrode recording or patch clamp measurements. Any one can have access to the equipment if having the competence. An appointment with  marc ( point ) moreau ( chez ) univ-tlse3 ( point ) fr
is necessary to discuss about the technical feasibility of the project .


  • Optical set up
    Stereo microscope (Nikon) and inverted microscope (Nikon Eclipse equipped with fluorescence and filters for GFP, Rhodamine and DAPI).
  • Microelectrode puller
  • Vertical puller Narishige
  • Motorized micromanipulators
  • Perfusion system


  • A complete setup for membrane potential recording and voltage clamp with microelectrodes
  • A patch clamp set up with Axopatch amplifier, pClamp software